Sunday, February 19, 2012

Crowdtap: Another way to earn free giftcards and products!

Hi all, how was the weekend?  Great I hope.  I spent time with the hubs and kiddos and we had a blast.  We stayed in watched movies, played, and just relaxed.  Hubs cooked dinner tonight and even gave all the kiddos a bath.  Whoo hoo!  A much needed break from mommy madness. While I had some free time I decided to check out a site my friends had kept telling me about.  Crowdtap is a site that you can earn points for gift cards and other prizes, sample products, and even help out charity along the way.  I really like this program so far and just tonight I have already made it up to level 3.  Here is the link below and Happy Tapping!

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